About Rockwell Realty

Our Experience

Designated broker, Jim Rockwell, opened Rockwell Realty in 2005 after 20 years as a licensed agent and 5 years managing a large local real estate company. During this time the Internet created a huge paradigm shift in the way real estate is marketed and purchased. It also allowed for many new models of business to be created that competed with traditional real estate brokerages.  One result is that there are now over 300 distinctly different real estate companies in King County alone.  Rockwell Realty of one of only 14 real estate companies to be named in the Puget Sound Business Journals Top 15 real estate companies from 2005 through 2010.

For the sake of simplicity the way the real estate business is conducted can be broken down into limited and full service models. Companies and their brokers have operated at one extreme or the other. Owners of traditional full service brokerages have not had an incentive to consider changes that lower commissions, even though technology has created efficiencies in the process and home prices have increased much faster than inflation. Many consumers desiring quality full service feel fees are too high for the amount of work required for their transaction.

Why Work With Us?

We are client centered! It is our goal to earn the position of being your trusted advisor in real estate, hopefully for life. The Internet has made it easier for all parties to become more involved in their real estate transactions. While maintaining client centered focus our teamwork approach will facilitate the required connections beyond the Internet. Our brokers are encouraged to be innovative in the programs they offer their buyers and sellers to meet their needs. A large part of this is our concept of integrity pricing that reflects market conditions and the level of service required by the client.

We believe real estate is a very personal transaction and consumers will be best served by working with a broker in their community where a long term relationship exists. Our brokers are encouraged to be active in and give back to their communities. This may seem like common sense; however is not the norm these days.  Even many of the traditional real estate companies are hidden away in shopping malls and office parks.  Rockwell’s offices are conveniently located where homeowners work and play.

We are Connected to Community.